Basic Research Panel

Our Basic Research Team consists of competent and highly experienced personalities of various natural science fields such as Biology, Pharmacy and Chemistry.

The team collaborates with the program lines one, two and three and provides technical know-how and help to establish a critical forum to monitor the scientific track of the lbi:ad.


The Basic Research Team members are:

  • Christoph Bock, PhD (RNA and single cell analysis)
  • Assoc. Prof. Priv. Doz. Mag. Dr. Helmut Dolznig (organoids)
  • Bon-Kyoung Koo Koo, PhD (organoids)
  • Dr. Stefan Kubicek, PhD (drug screens)
  • Mag. pharm., Priv.-Doz. Oliver Langer, PhD (radiopharmaceutical kinetic modelling)
  • Assoc.-Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Wadsak (medicinal radiochemist)

Basic Research Panel of the LBI:AD