Clinical Applications

Markus Zeitlinger is the LBI:AD's key researcher leading the program line that focuses on clincial applications. The overall aim of this program line will be the translation of knowledge gained by molecular pathology and novel imaging biomarkers to patients suffering from cancer.

Work packages will start with retrospective validation of biomarkers in liquid biopsies from different cancer entities and monitoring of disease progression. However, the core of the program line will be built by prospective clinical trials employing a completely novel concept of introducing tumour material into preclinical models, and by using these models as well as molecular imaging probes in order to tailor disease monitoring and ultimately to optimize therapy for individual patients. In parallel, new imaging targets will be identified and corresponding biomarkers will be developed. This will require establishing novel radiotracers in first-in-man studies in cooperation with different clinical departments at the Medical University of Vienna to ultimately introduce the novel tools into patients.