Oncotest GmbH

Oncostest is one of the world leading CROs for preclinical profiling of anticancer compounds utilizing a large collection of proprietary patient derived xenograft (PDX) models. The outstanding market position is based on a unique integrated testing approach which includes medium-high throughput in vitro assay systems complemented by extensive in vivo efficacy test capabilities. Oncotest has established a unique collection of more than 500 PDX models throughout all major histotypes. Our PDX collection is very well characterized by molecular analyses as well as by sensitivity testing towards the respective standard of care compounds.


From their longstanding experience within the area of preclinical and translational oncology they learned that there is an urgent need for primarily more predictive but also prognostic biomarkers. The proposal addresses an urgent need of translational oncology, as biomarker research is lagging behind the advanced development of novel drugs. Therefore, the project will help to reduce drug development failure rates and contribute to faster and more efficient development of novel innovative anti-cancer drugs. As a R&D focused CRO Oncotest is always in a process of optimizing our test systems with respect to clinical relevance. This includes the extended characterization of their PDX models with respect to their feasibility for biomarker identification and validation.