Awarded DOC fellowship

We are very proud to announce that Loan Tran, PhD student of the program line Molecular Pathology, was awarded a DOC grant by the Austrian Academy of Sciences (ÖAW) to fund the continuation of her PhD project’s research on colorectal cancer.


Congratulations to Dr. med. univ. Johannes Längle to the Researcher of the Month Award! Fitting to this month’s Colorectal Cancer Awareness Campaign, the award was bestowed by the Medical University of Vienna on occasion of his recent publication about colorectal liver metastases and the implication of DNA damage with their prognosis and treatment response. The […]

Markus Zeitlinger received several grants

Congratulations to Markus Zeitlinger, head of the Department of Clinical Pharmacology and key researcher of LBI:AD’s program line Clinical Applications. He received several grants for projects within the „AMR Accelerator Program“ of the Innovative Medicine Initiative (IMI). The Initiative supports studies targeting the investigation of multi-drug resistance to antibiotics. Read more >>here<<

Johannes Längle erhielt den Theodor-Billroth-Preis

(Wien, 08-01-2019) Der Theodor-Billroth-Preis der Wiener Ärztekammer ging heuer dreigeteilt mit Johannes Koren und Johannes Längle an zwei Forscher der MedUni Wien sowie an Maximilian Tscharre vom Landesklinikum Wiener Neustadt. Zum Theodor-Billroth-Preis der Ärztekammer für Wien Zur Förderung wissenschaftlicher Arbeiten stiftet die Ärztekammer für Wien den „Theodor-Billroth-Preis der Ärztekammer für Wien”. Der „Theodor-Billroth-Preis” wird alljährlich […]

LBG Health Science Meeting

LBG Meeting for Health Sciences 2018

The LBG Meeting for Health Sciences 2018 took place in Vienna on the 29th and 30th of November. The focus was on the translation of research results from theory into practice. Therefore, researchers were asked to submit abstracts for presentation on preclinical, clinical or implementation research with emphasis on Cardiovascular research, Haematology and cancer research, […]

Stadt Steyr

Ambassador of the city of Steyr

Recently, Markus Mitterhauser was awarded as ambassador of the city Steyr in Upper Austria by the toursim association Steyr. Since many years, he teaches the course „Radiopharmazeutik” at the University of Applied Science in Steyr and inspires his students with his creative teaching style and broad knowledge in radiopharmacy. As a loyal guest of the […]

Johannes Längle – Posterpreis – 34th annual meeting Austrian Society of Surgical Oncology

(Wien, 17-10-2017) Johannes Längle von der Klinischen Abteilung für Allgemeinchirurgie der Universitätsklinik für Chirurgie der MedUni Wien/AKH Wien wurde bei der diesjährigen 34. Jahrestagung der Österreichische Gesellschaft für Chirurgische Onkologie (ACO-ASSO) mit einem Posterpreis ausgezeichnet.Die Studie hatte den Titel „DNA damage, DNA sensor DDX41 and ER stress response predict prognosis and treatment response in colorectal […]


Nathalie Grob – AGRR 2017 award for the best presentation

Ms. Mag. Nathalie Grob, who is currently a Ph.D. student (ETH Zurich and Paul Scherrer Institut in Villigen (CH)) of LBI:AD key researcher Prof. Mindt, won at the 25th annual meeting of the “Arbeitsgemeinschaft Radiochemie/ Radiopharmazie” in Starnberg, Germany, the AGRR-2017 award for the best presentation in the category young researcher. She presented her research […]

Johannes Längle – Forschungsförderungen 2017 – „Fellinger Krebsforschung“

Johannes Längle von der Klinischen Abteilung für Allgemeinchirurgie der Universitätsklinik für Chirurgie der MedUni Wien/AKH Wien erhält eine Forschungsförderungen durch die „Fellinger Krebsforschung“ für das Jahr 2017. Die Studie hat den Titel „Assessment of DNA damage, interferon induction and tumor-infiltrating immune cells in short-term radiotherapy-treated rectal cancer“ und wird unter anderem im Rahmen des Ludwig […]

Thomas Dillinger – 13th YSA PhD Symposium

This year’s PhD Symposium of the Young Scientist Association (YSA) took place on the 8th and 9th of June at the Medical University of Vienna. We are very proud to announce that the poster “Identification of Biomarkers for prostate cancer by DNA methylation analysis” of our PhD Student Thomas Dillinger, MSc won the award for […]